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Unreal Engine plugin that simulates an Operating System Environment
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UOperatingSystemProgramIconWidget Class Reference

Represents a widget that displays an icon for an operating system program. More...

#include "OperatingSystemProgramIconWidget.h"

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Public Member Functions

 UOperatingSystemProgramIconWidget ()
OPERATINGSYSTEMSIMULATOR_API UOperatingSystemBaseProgramGetParentProgram () const
 Retrieves the parent program of the icon widget.
- Public Member Functions inherited from UOperatingSystemButtonWidget
 UOperatingSystemButtonWidget ()
 Default constructor for the UOperatingSystemButtonWidget class.
- Public Member Functions inherited from IOperatingSystemThemeInterface
void K2_OnOperatingSystemThemeChanged (UOperatingSystemSettingModule_Theme *ThemePayload)
 Callback function for handling theme changes in the operating system widget.

Static Public Member Functions

static UOperatingSystemProgramIconWidgetCreateIconWidget (TWeakObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemBaseProgram > OwningProgram)
 Creates a widget for an operating system program icon.

Protected Attributes

TWeakObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemBaseProgramParentProgram
- Protected Attributes inherited from UOperatingSystemButtonWidget
TObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemParentOS
 ParentOS holds a reference to the operating system that contains the button widget.

Detailed Description

Represents a widget that displays an icon for an operating system program.

This class is an abstract class derived from UOperatingSystemIconWidget. It provides functionality for creating and accessing the parent program of the icon widget.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ UOperatingSystemProgramIconWidget()

UOperatingSystemProgramIconWidget::UOperatingSystemProgramIconWidget ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateIconWidget()

UOperatingSystemProgramIconWidget * UOperatingSystemProgramIconWidget::CreateIconWidget ( TWeakObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemBaseProgram > OwningProgram)

Creates a widget for an operating system program icon.

This method creates a widget for representing an icon of an operating system program.

OwningProgramA weak pointer to the owning program of the icon widget.
The created widget for the program icon.
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◆ GetParentProgram()

UOperatingSystemBaseProgram * UOperatingSystemProgramIconWidget::GetParentProgram ( ) const

Retrieves the parent program of the icon widget.

The parent program represents the program associated with the icon widget. This method returns a pointer to the UOperatingSystemBaseProgram object that represents the parent program. If no parent program is associated with the icon widget, nullptr is returned.

A pointer to the parent program of the icon widget, or nullptr if no parent program is associated.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ParentProgram

TWeakObjectPtr<UOperatingSystemBaseProgram> UOperatingSystemProgramIconWidget::ParentProgram

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