Operating System Simulator Plugin  3.5.1
Unreal Engine plugin that simulates an Operating System Environment
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FOperatingSystemRequestFundPending Struct Reference

Represents a pending fund request in the operating system. More...

#include "OperatingSystemBankTypes.h"

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Public Member Functions

 FOperatingSystemRequestFundPending ()=default
 FOperatingSystemRequestFundPending (const FOperatingSystemRequestFund &FundRequest, const float &RemainingTimeFromTimer)

Public Attributes

FOperatingSystemRequestFund FundRequest
float RemainingTimeFromTimer
FDateTime Time

Detailed Description

Represents a pending fund request in the operating system.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FOperatingSystemRequestFundPending() [1/2]

FOperatingSystemRequestFundPending::FOperatingSystemRequestFundPending ( )

Default constructor

◆ FOperatingSystemRequestFundPending() [2/2]

FOperatingSystemRequestFundPending::FOperatingSystemRequestFundPending ( const FOperatingSystemRequestFund & FundRequest,
const float & RemainingTimeFromTimer )

Construct a pending fund request. It stores the fund request itself, the remaining time from a timer, and the time at which the request was made.

FundRequestThe fund request object.
RemainingTimeFromTimerThe remaining time from a timer in seconds.

Member Data Documentation

◆ FundRequest

FOperatingSystemRequestFund FOperatingSystemRequestFundPending::FundRequest

Represents a fund request in the operating system.

◆ RemainingTimeFromTimer

float FOperatingSystemRequestFundPending::RemainingTimeFromTimer

Represents the remaining time from a timer, which is a float value. It is used in the OperatingSystemWorldSubsystem.cpp file to manage the approval process of a bank request.

◆ Time

FDateTime FOperatingSystemRequestFundPending::Time

Represents the time at which a bank request is made in the operating system.

This variable represents the time at which a bank request is made. It is of type FDateTime, which is a structure in Unreal Engine that represents a date and time value. The FDateTime structure provides various functions and operators for working with dates and times.

This variable should only be accessed and modified by the necessary components responsible for handling bank requests.

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