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Unreal Engine plugin that simulates an Operating System Environment
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UOperatingSystemFileIconWidget Class Reference

#include "OperatingSystemFileIconWidget.h"

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Public Member Functions

 UOperatingSystemFileIconWidget ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from UOperatingSystemButtonWidget
 UOperatingSystemButtonWidget ()
 Default constructor for the UOperatingSystemButtonWidget class.
- Public Member Functions inherited from IOperatingSystemThemeInterface
void K2_OnOperatingSystemThemeChanged (UOperatingSystemSettingModule_Theme *ThemePayload)
 Callback function for handling theme changes in the operating system widget.

Static Public Member Functions

static UE_NODISCARD UOperatingSystemFileIconWidgetCreateIconWidget (UOperatingSystemFile *OwningFile, const TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemFileIconWidget > &IconClass)

Protected Attributes

TWeakObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemFileParentFile
- Protected Attributes inherited from UOperatingSystemButtonWidget
TObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemParentOS
 ParentOS holds a reference to the operating system that contains the button widget.

Detailed Description

UOperatingSystemFileIconWidget class is a subclass of UOperatingSystemIconWidget and represents a widget that displays an icon for an operating system file.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ UOperatingSystemFileIconWidget()

UOperatingSystemFileIconWidget::UOperatingSystemFileIconWidget ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateIconWidget()

UOperatingSystemFileIconWidget * UOperatingSystemFileIconWidget::CreateIconWidget ( UOperatingSystemFile * OwningFile,
const TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemFileIconWidget > & IconClass )

Creates an operating system file icon widget.

OwningFileThe owning operating system file.
IconClassThe class of the icon widget to create.
A pointer to the created operating system file icon widget. Returns nullptr if the icon widget class is null.
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Member Data Documentation

◆ ParentFile

TWeakObjectPtr<UOperatingSystemFile> UOperatingSystemFileIconWidget::ParentFile

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