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FGlobalMessageListener Struct Reference

Represents a listener for global messages. More...

#include "GlobalMessenger.h"

Public Member Functions

bool IsObject (const UObject *TestObj) const
 FGlobalMessageListener ()=delete
 FGlobalMessageListener (const UObject *Object, const FGameplayTag &FilterTag)

Public Attributes

const FObjectKey ObjectKey
const FGameplayTag FilterTag
uint32 TotalExecutions

Detailed Description

Represents a listener for global messages.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FGlobalMessageListener() [1/2]

FGlobalMessageListener::FGlobalMessageListener ( )

◆ FGlobalMessageListener() [2/2]

FGlobalMessageListener::FGlobalMessageListener ( const UObject * Object,
const FGameplayTag & FilterTag )

Custom constructor.

ObjectThe pointer to the object that will receive the global message.
FilterTagThe tag that represents this message. Used for filtering.

Member Function Documentation

◆ IsObject()

bool FGlobalMessageListener::IsObject ( const UObject * TestObj) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ FilterTag

const FGameplayTag FGlobalMessageListener::FilterTag

A tag that represents this message. Used for filtering.

◆ ObjectKey

const FObjectKey FGlobalMessageListener::ObjectKey

Represents a key for resolving an object pointer.

◆ TotalExecutions

uint32 FGlobalMessageListener::TotalExecutions

Total number of times this message ran

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