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UOperatingSystemExplorerHistory Class Reference

#include "OperatingSystemExplorerHistory.h"

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Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from UOperatingSystemProgramData
 UOperatingSystemProgramData ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from UOperatingSystemDataObject
template<class T >
TGetParentObject () const
OPERATINGSYSTEMSIMULATOR_API void SetTickEnabled (const bool bEnable)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from UOperatingSystemDataObject
static OPERATINGSYSTEMSIMULATOR_API UOperatingSystemDataObjectCreateDataObj (UObject *OwningObject, const TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemDataObject > &DataClassPtr)
template<class T >
static OPERATINGSYSTEMSIMULATOR_API T * CreateDataObj (UObject *OwningObject, TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemDataObject > DataClassPtr)
 This method creates a new instance of a data object of type T.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from UOperatingSystemProgramData
virtual void OnCreate () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from UOperatingSystemDataObject
virtual OPERATINGSYSTEMSIMULATOR_API bool ShouldCreate () const
virtual OPERATINGSYSTEMSIMULATOR_API void Tick (const float &DeltaSeconds)
 The Tick method receives the time elapsed since the last frame update and performs any necessary updates or computations.
virtual OPERATINGSYSTEMSIMULATOR_API void OnValidate (FGenericError &OutError)
 This method is called to validate the data object.
void K2_OnCreate ()
void K2_Tick (const float &DeltaSeconds)
 K2_Tick method is an event meant to be overridden in Blueprint subclasses of OperatingSystemDataObject. It allows subclasses to define custom behavior that should be executed every tick.
bool K2_ShouldCreate () const
 Indicates whether the operating system data object should be created.
- Protected Attributes inherited from UOperatingSystemProgramData
TWeakObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemBaseProgramParentProgram
- Protected Attributes inherited from UOperatingSystemDataObject
TWeakObjectPtr< UObject > ParentObject
uint8 bStartWithTickEnabled: 1

Detailed Description

This class represents the history of commands in an operating system explorer.

The UOperatingSystemExplorerHistory class is a child class of UOperatingSystemProgramData, and it stores the history of commands executed by the user in an operating system explorer. It provides methods to add, remove, and retrieve commands from the history.

The UOperatingSystemExplorerHistory class is abstract, not blueprintable, and blueprint type. This means that it cannot be instantiated directly and can only be used as a base class for other classes.

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