Operating System Simulator Plugin  3.5.1
Unreal Engine plugin that simulates an Operating System Environment
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UOperatingSystemStore Class Reference

#include "OperatingSystemStore.h"

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Public Member Functions

 UOperatingSystemStore ()
virtual FString GetSaveSlotName () const override
bool SubmitRating (const TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemBaseProgram > &TargetProgram, const FOperatingSystemStoreReviewUser &ReviewingUser)
- Public Member Functions inherited from UOperatingSystemBaseProgram
 UOperatingSystemBaseProgram ()
UOperatingSystemBaseProgramStartProgram (FGenericError &OutError)
bool IsRunning () const
bool CanAddToDesktop () const
UOperatingSystemGetOperatingSystem () const
UOperatingSystemProgramIconWidgetCreateIconWidget ()
UOperatingSystemProgramIconWidgetGetIconWidget () const
void OpenFile (UOperatingSystemFile *TargetFile, FGenericError &OutError)
void CloseProgram (const bool bIsFullClose, FGenericError &OutError)
void BringToFront (FGenericError &OutError) const
UDraggableWindowGetParentWindow () const
void IsCompatibleWithOS (const TWeakObjectPtr< const UOperatingSystem > TestOS, FGenericError &OutError) const
bool CanSaveSettings () const
void SetParentPartition (TWeakObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemPartition > OwningPartition)
void OnProgramWindowStateChanged (const EOperatingSystemProgramViewState &NewState) const
bool IsWindowMaximized () const
 Checks whether the window of the operating system base program is maximized.
TOptional< FVector2D > GetWindowPosition () const
 Retrieves the position of the window associated with the operating system program.
TWeakObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemPartitionGetParentPartition () const
 Get the parent partition of the current operating system program.
TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemProgramIconWidgetGetIconWidgetClass () const
 Retrieves the class of the icon widget for the operating system program.
TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemProgramWidgetGetWidgetClass () const
 Retrieves the widget class associated with the operating system base program. This method returns the widget class that should be used to create the program widget for the specific program.
TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemProgramSettingsGetSettingsClass () const
 Get the settings class associated with this program. This method returns the class type of the settings object specific to this program.
TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemProgramDataGetDataClass () const
 Retrieves the data class associated with the program.
TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemTaskbarButtonGetTaskbarButtonClass () const
 Retrieves the taskbar button class associated with the program.
TWeakObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemProgramSettingsGetSettings () const
 Get the settings object for the program.
TWeakObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemProgramDataGetDataObj () const
 Retrieves the data object associated with the operating system program.
TWeakObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemTaskbarButtonGetTaskbarButton () const
 Retrieves the taskbar button associated with the program.
UOperatingSystemProgramWidgetGetProgramWidget () const
 Returns the program widget associated with the operating system program.
template<class T >
T * GetSettings () const
 Get the settings object of type T.
template<class T >
T * GetDataObj () const
 Returns the data object associated with the program.
FORCEINLINE FString GetProgramName () const
 Returns the program name as a FString.
FORCEINLINE FName GetIdentifier () const
 Returns the identifier of the program. The identifier serves as a unique identification for the program.
FORCEINLINE bool IsSingleInstanceProgram () const
 Returns a boolean value indicating whether the program is a single instance program. A single instance program is a program that allows only one instance to run at a time.
FORCEINLINE bool IsSystemInstalledProgram () const
 Returns a boolean value indicating whether the program is installed on the system. If the program is installed, it will return true; otherwise, it will return false.
FORCEINLINE uint32 GetProcessID () const
 Retrieves the process ID of the current program. This method allows you to obtain the unique process ID of the program.
FORCEINLINE float GetSpaceRequiredInMB () const
 Get the space required by the program in megabytes. This method returns the space required by the program in megabytes.
FORCEINLINE bool ShouldRememberLastWindowPosition () const
 Indicates whether the program should remember the last window position.
OPERATINGSYSTEMSIMULATOR_API FORCEINLINE EOperatingSystemProgramCloseMethod GetCloseMethod () const
 Returns the close method of the operating system program.

Static Public Member Functions

static float GetAverageRating (const FOperatingSystemStoreProgramData &StoreProgramData)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from UOperatingSystemBaseProgram
static UE_NODISCARD UOperatingSystemBaseProgramCreateProgram (TWeakObjectPtr< UOperatingSystem > OwningOS, const TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemBaseProgram > &ProgramClass, FGenericError &OutError, const bool bInstalledWithOS=false)
static OPERATINGSYSTEMSIMULATOR_API bool IsStoreItemFree (const FOperatingSystemStoreProgramData &ProgramData)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void OnValidate (FGenericError &OutError) const override
virtual void OnStart (FGenericError &OutError) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from UOperatingSystemBaseProgram
virtual OPERATINGSYSTEMSIMULATOR_API void OnClose (FGenericError &OutError)
 Called when the program is requested to be closed. It can be overridden by derived classes to perform necessary cleanup operations before the program is closed. The function receives an FGenericError& object as a parameter, which can be used to report any error that occurred during the closing process.
virtual OPERATINGSYSTEMSIMULATOR_API void OnOpenFile (UOperatingSystemFile *TargetFile, FGenericError &OutError)
 Called when a file is opened in the operating system program. It provides the target file that was opened, as well as an output error parameter for reporting any errors that occurred during the file opening process.
virtual OPERATINGSYSTEMSIMULATOR_API void OnThemeChanged (UOperatingSystemSettingModule_Theme *ThemePayload)
 Virtual method called when the theme is changed.
void K2_OnCreate ()
void K2_OnInstall ()
FGenericError K2_OnStart ()
void K2_OnClose ()
void K2_OnSettingsLoad (UOperatingSystemProgramSettings *LoadedSettings)
void K2_OnOpenFile (FGenericError &OutError)
void K2_OnValidate (FGenericError &OutError) const
FString K2_GetSaveSlotName () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from UOperatingSystemBaseProgram
FOnOperatingSystemProgramViewStateChanged OnOperatingSystemProgramViewStateChanged
- Protected Attributes inherited from UOperatingSystemBaseProgram
FText Name
FText Author
FText Description
FName Identifier
FOperatingSystemVersion Version
FText StoreDisplayName
FText StoreType
float StorePrice
FGameplayTagContainer SupportedOperatingSystems
uint8 bRequireMinOperatingSystemVersion: 1
FOperatingSystemVersion MinOperatingSystemVersion
TSoftObjectPtr< UObject > IconObject
float SpaceRequiredInMB
TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemProgramIconWidgetIconWidgetClass
TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemProgramWidgetWidgetClass
EOperatingSystemProgramCloseMethod CloseMethod
EOperatingSystemProgramSaveMethod SaveMethod
TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemProgramSettingsSettingsClass
TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemProgramDataDataClass
uint8 bRequiresData: 1
uint8 bAddToDesktop: 1
uint8 bCreateNotification: 1
uint8 bSingleInstanceOnly: 1
uint8 bCanRunOnPortableDevice: 1
uint8 bCreateSettingsBeforeStarting: 1
uint8 bRememberLastWindowPosition: 1
uint8 bAllowDragging: 1
uint8 bAllowResizing: 1
uint8 bOverrideWindowSize: 1
FVector2D OverrideWindowSize
FVector2D MinimumWindowResize
EOperatingSystemWindowStartupState StartWindowState
TSoftClassPtr< UDraggableWindowOverrideWindowClass
TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemTaskbarButtonTaskbarButtonClass
TWeakObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemPartitionParentPartition

Detailed Description

Represents the operating system store programs collection.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ UOperatingSystemStore()

UOperatingSystemStore::UOperatingSystemStore ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetAverageRating()

float UOperatingSystemStore::GetAverageRating ( const FOperatingSystemStoreProgramData & StoreProgramData)

Calculates the average rating from the given program data.

This function takes the review users data of a program from the operating system store, and returns the average rating of the program.

StoreProgramDataThe program data containing the review users.
The average rating of the program.

◆ GetSaveSlotName()

FString UOperatingSystemStore::GetSaveSlotName ( ) const

Get the save slot name.

This function retrieves the save slot name for the operating system store. The save slot name is retrieved from the Identifier member variable of the class.

The save slot name as a FString.

Reimplemented from UOperatingSystemBaseProgram.

Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ OnStart()

void UOperatingSystemStore::OnStart ( FGenericError & OutError)

Executes when the operating system store starts.

This function is called when the operating system store starts. It internally tries to create a save file.

OutErrorThe generic error object to hold the error information in case of failures.

Reimplemented from UOperatingSystemBaseProgram.

◆ OnValidate()

void UOperatingSystemStore::OnValidate ( FGenericError & OutError) const

Validates the operating system store.

This function checks if the store programs collection is null. If it is null, an error is assigned to the OutError parameter and the function returns. Otherwise, it loads the store programs collection and calls the Validate function on it, passing the OutError parameter.

OutErrorThe generic error object to hold the error information in case of validation failure.

Reimplemented from UOperatingSystemBaseProgram.

◆ SubmitRating()

bool UOperatingSystemStore::SubmitRating ( const TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemBaseProgram > & TargetProgram,
const FOperatingSystemStoreReviewUser & ReviewingUser )

Submits a rating for a target program by a reviewing user.

This function adds the reviewing user's rating to the target program's reviews. If the target program or the reviewing user is not valid, an error notification is added to the operating system and the function returns false. The average rating for the target program is updated based on all the reviews, and the updated store apps data is written to the save file.

TargetProgramThe target program to submit the rating for.
ReviewingUserThe reviewing user providing the rating.
True if the rating submission succeeds, false otherwise.
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