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UOperatingSystemVideoFile Class Reference

Represents an operating system video file. More...

#include "OperatingSystemVideoFile.h"

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Public Member Functions

 UOperatingSystemVideoFile ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from UOperatingSystemFile
 UOperatingSystemFile ()
void OpenFile (FGenericError &OutError)
void CloseFile ()
 Closes the file and cleans up any associated resources.
FText GetFileName (const bool bWithExtension=true) const
FText GetExtension () const
bool IsSameFile (const UOperatingSystemFile *OtherFile) const
FORCEINLINE TSoftObjectPtr< UObject > GetIconObject () const
FORCEINLINE TScriptInterface< IOperatingSystemExplorerInterfaceGetExplorerInterface () const
 This method returns the TScriptInterface of the IOperatingSystemExplorer.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void OnValidate (FGenericError &OutError) override
 Validates the operating system video file.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from UOperatingSystemFile
UOperatingSystemFileIconWidgetCreateIconWidget ()
void K2_OnOpen ()

Protected Attributes

TSoftObjectPtr< UMediaSource > MediaSource
- Protected Attributes inherited from UOperatingSystemFile
FText Name
FText Extension
TSoftObjectPtr< UObject > IconObject
float SpaceRequiredInMB
uint8 bIsDeletable: 1
uint8 bIsMovable: 1
TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemBaseProgramTargetProgramClass
TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemFileIconWidgetIconWidgetClass
TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemFileWidgetWidgetClass
TWeakObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemBaseProgramParentProgram
TObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemFileWidgetFileWidget
TScriptInterface< IOperatingSystemExplorerInterfaceParentExplorerInterface
bool bHasBlueprintOnOpen

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from UOperatingSystemFile
static UOperatingSystemFileCreateFile (TScriptInterface< IOperatingSystemExplorerInterface > ExplorerInterface, const TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemFile > &FileSoftClass, FGenericError &OutError)
 Creates a new file in the operating system.
static UOperatingSystemFileCreateRuntimeFile (UOperatingSystemFile *ParentFile)
 Creates a runtime file based on the given parent file.

Detailed Description

Represents an operating system video file.

UOperatingSystemVideoFile is a subclass of UOperatingSystemFile that represents a video file in the operating system. It provides functionality to store and validate a video media source.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ UOperatingSystemVideoFile()

UOperatingSystemVideoFile::UOperatingSystemVideoFile ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnValidate()

void UOperatingSystemVideoFile::OnValidate ( FGenericError & OutError)

Validates the operating system video file.

This method checks if the MediaSource is null and sets the OutError object if it is. The error message will be of the format "'%s' has no media source set.", where s is replaced by the file name returned from GetFileName().

OutErrorThe reference to a FGenericError object that will store the error information if the validation fails.

Reimplemented from UOperatingSystemFile.

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Member Data Documentation

◆ MediaSource

TSoftObjectPtr<UMediaSource> UOperatingSystemVideoFile::MediaSource

Video media source.

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