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Unreal Engine plugin that simulates an Operating System Environment
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SViewportWorld Class Referencefinal

#include "SViewportWorld.h"

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Public Member Functions

 SLATE_BEGIN_ARGS (SViewportWorld)
 SViewportWorld ()
virtual ~SViewportWorld () override
void Construct (const FArguments &Args)
virtual void Tick (const FGeometry &AllottedGeometry, const double InCurrentTime, const float InDeltaTime) override
void InitializeViewportWorld (const FViewportWorldHandle *WorldHandle, const TWeakObjectPtr< UViewportWorldWidget > &InViewportWorldWidget)
void AddWidgetContent (const TSharedRef< SWidget > &WidgetContent, const int32 &ZOrder) const
bool RemoveWidgetContent (const TSharedRef< SWidget > &WidgetContent) const
void ClearAllWidgets () const
void OnReset ()

Public Attributes

TWeakObjectPtr< UViewportWorldGameClientViewportWorldGameClient
TWeakObjectPtr< UViewportWorldWidgetParentViewportWidget
TWeakObjectPtr< ULocalPlayer > LocalPlayer
TSharedPtr< FSceneViewport > SceneViewport
TSharedPtr< SOverlay > ViewportOverlay
FString MapPath
double StartTime

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SViewportWorld()

SViewportWorld::SViewportWorld ( )

◆ ~SViewportWorld()

SViewportWorld::~SViewportWorld ( )
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Member Function Documentation

◆ AddWidgetContent()

void SViewportWorld::AddWidgetContent ( const TSharedRef< SWidget > & WidgetContent,
const int32 & ZOrder ) const

◆ ClearAllWidgets()

void SViewportWorld::ClearAllWidgets ( ) const

◆ Construct()

void SViewportWorld::Construct ( const FArguments & Args)

◆ InitializeViewportWorld()

void SViewportWorld::InitializeViewportWorld ( const FViewportWorldHandle * WorldHandle,
const TWeakObjectPtr< UViewportWorldWidget > & InViewportWorldWidget )

◆ OnReset()

void SViewportWorld::OnReset ( )
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◆ RemoveWidgetContent()

bool SViewportWorld::RemoveWidgetContent ( const TSharedRef< SWidget > & WidgetContent) const


SViewportWorld::SLATE_BEGIN_ARGS ( SViewportWorld )

◆ Tick()

void SViewportWorld::Tick ( const FGeometry & AllottedGeometry,
const double InCurrentTime,
const float InDeltaTime )

Member Data Documentation

◆ LocalPlayer

TWeakObjectPtr<ULocalPlayer> SViewportWorld::LocalPlayer

◆ MapPath

FString SViewportWorld::MapPath

◆ ParentViewportWidget

TWeakObjectPtr<UViewportWorldWidget> SViewportWorld::ParentViewportWidget

◆ SceneViewport

TSharedPtr<FSceneViewport> SViewportWorld::SceneViewport

◆ StartTime

double SViewportWorld::StartTime

◆ ViewportOverlay

TSharedPtr<SOverlay> SViewportWorld::ViewportOverlay

◆ ViewportWorldGameClient

TWeakObjectPtr<UViewportWorldGameClient> SViewportWorld::ViewportWorldGameClient

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