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UOperatingSystemUnixPhone Class Reference

A class representing a Unix operating system for a phone device. This class is a child class of UOperatingSystemUnix. More...

#include "OperatingSystemUnixPhone.h"

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Public Member Functions

 UOperatingSystemUnixPhone ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from UOperatingSystemUnix
 UOperatingSystemUnix ()
virtual UOperatingSystemDirectoryCreateDirectoryInPath (const FString &TargetPath, const FString &DirectoryName, TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemDirectory > DirectoryClass, UOperatingSystemPartition *TargetPartition, const bool bIsFromSaveGame, FGenericError &OutError) override
const TSet< TSoftObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemProgramsCollection > > & GetRepositoryClasses () const
 Retrieves the repository classes in the Operating System Simulator.
- Public Member Functions inherited from UOperatingSystem
template<class T >
T * GetAs () const
 Get a pointer to the object casted as type T.
template<class T >
FORCEINLINE const T * GetAsConst () const
 Get a pointer to the object casted as type T.
OPERATINGSYSTEMSIMULATOR_API bool AddNotification (const FOperatingSystemNotification &NewNotification)
 Adds a notification to the operating system.
OPERATINGSYSTEMSIMULATOR_API bool AddNotification (const FGenericError &GenericError, const EOperatingSystemNotificationCategory &Category, const EOperatingSystemNotificationType Verbosity=EOperatingSystemNotificationType::Error)
 Adds a notification to the operating system. This method allows adding a notification to the operating system with the specified error, category, and verbosity.
void StartOperatingSystem (const TWeakObjectPtr< const UOperatingSystemSaveGame > LoadGameInstance, FGenericError &OutError)
 Start the operating system. This method starts the operating system. It performs the necessary initialization and loads the settings and programs.
void PostLoadOperatingSystem ()
 Calls the PostLoadOperatingSystemImpl method and handles any error that occurs.
void FinishInstallation ()
 Finish the installation of the operating system.
void InstallStartupPrograms ()
 Install the startup programs for the operating system.
void ShutdownOS ()
 Shuts down the operating system.
void RestartOS ()
 Restarts the operating system.
void DestroyOS ()
 Destroys the operating system instance.
int32 AddRunningProgram (UOperatingSystemBaseProgram *NewProgram, FGenericError &OutError)
 Adds a running program to the operating system.
void ProgramStarted (UOperatingSystemBaseProgram *StartedProgram, const bool bIsRestored)
 Notifies the operating system that a program has started.
bool IsProgramRunning (const TWeakObjectPtr< const UOperatingSystemBaseProgram > TestProgram) const
 Check if a program is running.
bool IsProgramRunning (const TSubclassOf< UOperatingSystemBaseProgram > TestProgramClass) const
 Checks if a program of the specified class is currently running.
UDraggableWindowCreateNewWindow (TWeakObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemBaseProgram > TargetProgram) const
 Creates a new window for the target program.
void BringWindowToFront (UDraggableWindow *TargetWindow)
 Bring the specified window to the front.
bool CreateProgramsFromRepository (const TSoftObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemProgramsCollection > &TargetRepository, const bool bIsInstalledWithOS)
 Create programs from a given repository.
void SetToInstallStartupPrograms (const bool bInstall)
bool ShouldInstallStartupPrograms () const
void SetDeviceName (const FText &NewName)
FText GetDeviceName () const
void SetAutoLogin (const bool bEnableAutoLogin)
bool CanAutoLogin () const
float GetInstallationTime () const
float GetLoadingTime () const
float GetInitialLoadingTime () const
const TArray< FOperatingSystemNotification > & GetNotifications () const
void ClearAllNotifications ()
OPERATINGSYSTEMSIMULATOR_API void ConsumeSpaceInMB (const float &NewSizeInMB, UOperatingSystemPartition *Partition, FGenericError &OutError)
OPERATINGSYSTEMSIMULATOR_API void ConsumeSpaceInGB (const float &NewSizeInGB, UOperatingSystemPartition *Partition, FGenericError &OutError)
OPERATINGSYSTEMSIMULATOR_API FText GetSizeAsText (const EOperatingSystemSizeMethod SizeMethod, const UOperatingSystemPartition *Partition, FGenericError &OutError) const
OPERATINGSYSTEMSIMULATOR_API float GetStoragePercentage (const UOperatingSystemPartition *Partition, FGenericError &OutError) const
OPERATINGSYSTEMSIMULATOR_API double GetHardDiskSize (FGenericError &OutError, const EOperatingSystemSizeMethod SizeMethod=EOperatingSystemSizeMethod::GB) const
void UninstallProgram (const FName &ProgramIdentifier, FGenericError &OutErrorIfAny)
void UninstallProgramByClass (const TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemBaseProgram > ProgramClass, FGenericError &OutErrorIfAny)
UOperatingSystemBaseProgramInstallProgramFromPackage (const FName &ProgramIdentifier, FGenericError &OutErrorIfAny)
UOperatingSystemBaseProgramInstallProgramFromClass (FGenericError &OutErrorIfAny, const TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemBaseProgram > ProgramClass, UOperatingSystemPartition *TargetPartition=nullptr)
void BeginInstallation (UOperatingSystemPartition *TargetPartition, FGenericError &OutError)
UOperatingSystemPartitionAllocatePartition (const double SizeInBytes, FGenericError &OutError)
void RemovePartition (UOperatingSystemPartition *PartitionToDelete, FGenericError &OutError)
void RefreshPartitions ()
void InstallationCompleted (const bool bSwitchToDesktop=true)
bool CreateNewUser (const FOperatingSystemUser &NewUser, const bool bSetAsActive=false)
bool LoginUser (const FText &Username, const FText &Password)
bool UpdateCurrentUserDetails (const FOperatingSystemUser &UpdatedDetails)
bool HasEnoughSpace (const double &TestSizeInBytes, const UOperatingSystemPartition *InPartition) const
TArray< UOperatingSystemPartition * > GetDiskPartitions () const
UOperatingSystemPartitionGetOperatingSystemPartition () const
void CloseProgram (UOperatingSystemBaseProgram *TargetProgram, FGenericError &OutError)
bool BringBackgroundProgramToFront (UOperatingSystemBaseProgram *TargetProgram)
bool IsProgramInBackground (UOperatingSystemBaseProgram *TestProgram) const
void MinimizeProgram (UOperatingSystemBaseProgram *TargetProgram)
void CloseAllRunningPrograms ()
void RestoreMinimizedProgram (const UOperatingSystemBaseProgram *TargetProgram)
 Restores a minimized program to the foreground on the operating system's taskbar.
UObject * GetDirectoryIconObject (const FGameplayTag &TestTag) const
bool IsUnix () const
float GetBsodOnScreenTime () const
float GetToastNotificationDisplayTime () const
TArray< UOperatingSystemBaseProgram * > GetInstalledPrograms () const
void GetInstalledProgramsMap (TMap< FName, UOperatingSystemBaseProgram * > &OutInstalledPrograms)
UOperatingSystemBaseProgramGetInstalledProgram (const TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemBaseProgram > TestClass) const
bool IsProgramInstalled (const TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemBaseProgram > TestClass) const
UOperatingSystemBaseProgramGetRunningProgram (const TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemBaseProgram > TestClass) const
bool IsPreInstalledOperatingSystem () const
UOperatingSystemSettingsDataGetSettings () const
bool IsRunningOnPortableDevice () const
virtual UOperatingSystemPartitionFindPartitionFromLetter (const FName &TargetDiskLetter) const
 Find a partition in the operating system from a given disk letter.
bool HasValidRootCommandAndUser () const
 Determines whether the root command and user are valid.
bool IsShuttingDown () const
 Check if the operating system is in the process of shutting down.
bool IsRestarting () const
 Checks if the operating system is currently restarting.
TArray< FOperatingSystemUserGetAllUsers () const
 Returns an array of all users registered in the operating system. This function retrieves information about all users registered in the operating system.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from UOperatingSystem
static FName GetOperatingSystemProgramRestoredEventName ()
static UE_NODISCARD UOperatingSystemCreateOperatingSystem (UOperatingSystemBaseDevice *OwningDevice, FGenericError &OutError)
 Creates a new instance of the operating system associated with the specified device.
static UE_NODISCARD FString GetOperatingSystemUniqueID (const UOperatingSystem *TestOperatingSystem)
 Gets the unique ID of the operating system. This method retrieves the unique ID of the operating system represented by the given TestOperatingSystem object.
- Public Attributes inherited from UOperatingSystem
FOperatingSystemProgramDelegate OnProgramStarted
 Delegate representing the event when a program starts in the operating system.
FOperatingSystemProgramDelegate OnProgramClosed
 Delegate for handling the program closed event.
FOperatingSystemProgramDelegate OnProgramInstalled
 Delegate representing the event when a program is installed in the operating system.
FOperatingSystemProgramDelegate OnProgramUninstalled
- Protected Member Functions inherited from UOperatingSystemUnix
virtual void OnValidate (FGenericError &OutError) const override
 Validates the Unix-based operating system.
virtual void FinalizePreInstallation (FGenericError &OutError) override
 Finalizes the pre-installation process for a Unix-based operating system.
virtual void PrepareOperatingSystemInstallImpl (FGenericError &OutError) override
 PrepareOperatingSystemInstallImpl function prepares the Unix-based operating system for installation.
virtual bool StartOperatingSystemImpl (FGenericError &OutError) override
 Starts the Unix-based operating system.
virtual void PostLoadOperatingSystemImpl (FGenericError &OutError) override
 Executes additional post-loading operations specific to Unix-based operating systems.
virtual TOptional< FText > GetRootCommand () const override final
 Gets the root command for the Unix-based operating system.
virtual TOptional< FOperatingSystemUserGetRootUser () const override final
 Retrieves the root user of the Unix-based operating system.
virtual TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemBaseProgramFindProgramFromPackage (const FName &ProgramIdentifier) override
 Finds a program from a package based on its identifier.
bool CreateRootDirectory (const bool bIsFromSaveGame)
 Creates the root directory for the Unix-based operating system if it does not already exist. The root directory is determined by finding the Unix root directory among all the available directories. If the root directory exists, this method returns true. Otherwise, it attempts to create the root directory using the first directory with the tag "Root". If the root directory is successfully created, this method returns true. Otherwise, it returns false.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from UOperatingSystem
virtual OPERATINGSYSTEMSIMULATOR_API void OnShowNotification (const FOperatingSystemNotification &NewNotification)
 This method is called when a new notification should be shown on the operating system.
virtual OPERATINGSYSTEMSIMULATOR_API void OnAllOnNotificationsCleared ()
 Callback triggered when all notifications are cleared.
virtual OPERATINGSYSTEMSIMULATOR_API void FinishInstallationImpl ()
 Performs the finishing steps of the installation process.
virtual OPERATINGSYSTEMSIMULATOR_API void InstallStartupProgramsImpl ()
 Allows the derived classes to implement their own logic for installing startup programs. This method should be overridden in derived classes to define the actual logic for installing startup programs.
virtual OPERATINGSYSTEMSIMULATOR_API void OnPartitionLoaded (UOperatingSystemPartition &LoadedPartition, const FOperatingSystemPartitionSaveLoad &SaveLoadData)
 Callback method called when a partition is loaded.
bool K2_CanStartOperatingSystem (FGenericError &ReturnError)
 Determines if the operating system can start.
- Protected Attributes inherited from UOperatingSystemUnix
FOperatingSystemUser RootUser
FText RootCommand
TSet< TSoftObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemProgramsCollection > > RepositoryClasses
- Protected Attributes inherited from UOperatingSystem
FTimerHandle TimerHandle_OperatingSystemInstallation
FTimerHandle TimerHandle_LoadingTime
FText Name
FText CompanyName
FOperatingSystemVersion Version
TSoftObjectPtr< UObject > Icon
TMap< FGameplayTag, TSoftObjectPtr< UObject > > DirectoryIcons
float InstallationSpace
FGameplayTagContainer SupportedDevices
TSoftObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemProgramsCollectionMustHavePrograms
TSoftObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemProgramsCollectionPostInstallStartupPrograms
TSoftObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemDirectoriesCollectionDefaultDirectories
TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemSettingsDataSettingsDataClass
TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemWidgetWidgetClass
TSoftClassPtr< UOperatingSystemBsodWidgetBsodWidgetClass
FOperatingSystemNotificationSettings NotificationSettings
FOperatingSystemRangeTime InstallationTime
FOperatingSystemRangeTime LoadingTime
FOperatingSystemRangeTime LoadingTimeInitial
FOperatingSystemRangeTime LogonToDesktopTime
FOperatingSystemRangeTime BsodOnScreenTime
FGameplayTag OperatingSystemTag
TWeakObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemBaseDeviceParentDevice
TObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemSettingsDataOperatingSystemSettingsData
TObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemWidgetOperatingSystemWidget
TMap< int32, TObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemBaseProgram > > RunningPrograms
TMap< int32, TObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemBaseProgram > > BackgroundRunningPrograms
TMap< FName, UOperatingSystemBaseProgram * > InstalledPrograms
FOperatingSystemUser CurrentUser
uint8 bIsStartingForTheFirstTime: 1
int32 TotalNotifications
int32 TotalErrorNotifications
int32 TotalWarningNotifications
TObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemBsodWidgetBSODWidget
TMap< int32, TWeakObjectPtr< UOperatingSystemTaskbarButton > > TaskbarButtons
 Transient variable representing the taskbar buttons. It is a TMap that associates integer keys with weak object pointers to UOperatingSystemTaskbarButton objects. Key will be the process ID. Value will be the program.
FOperatingSystemUniqueId TargetPartitionID
 Structure representing a unique identifier for a target partition in the operating system.
TWeakObjectPtr< UDraggableWindowLastBroughtToFrontWindow
 Transient variable representing the last draggable window brought to the front.
uint8 bAutoLogin: 1
uint8 bInstallStartupPrograms: 1
 Specifies whether to install startup programs on the operating system.
FText DeviceName

Detailed Description

A class representing a Unix operating system for a phone device. This class is a child class of UOperatingSystemUnix.

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UOperatingSystemUnixPhone::UOperatingSystemUnixPhone ( )

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